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1/5 scale Bf-109G6 short kit is available!!




1/5 scale gunsight Revi C/12D designed for Bf-109E, F and Ju-87 Stuka


1/5 scale N-3C Gunsight for P-40 Warhawk



Voltage regulators for Spitfire are available now! You can get it as kit, assembled or ready made.



If you want to meet new friends, learn something new or just only buy/ sell your RC model parts, join the group "Model airplane  parts for sale or wanted only"



Trim control horns for 1/5 scale models are available. They are designed for 1/5 scale Spitfires. But will work also with other airplanes. Weight of one Spitfire set is only 4 grams!




Our new part for 1/5 scale Spitfire is the antenna mast.




Radio equipment for 1/5 scale P-51D Mustang is available! You can get it as a clear kit or ready made.




We are proud to inform you about our new partner- Jerry Bates. Now we are supplier of exhausts for some Jerry´s models- P-40, P-51, Hawker Tempest, P-39, Macchi 202



WWII pilot SQN 310 Emil Bocek with my Spitfire.